The gig on Friday, October 31 (in Hemer) has been cancelled due to unknown reasons.

The gig on Friday, October 17 has been cancelled due to technical problems of the 'Lorbass'.

The 9-track demo CD is - finally - ready. If you want one, contact Chris via e-mail (see contact). 

Due to illness our gig in Recklinghausen was cancelled. The band is prone to suicide now.

Our gig in Arnsberg was cancelled. The band is not amused and considers cutting off somebody's testicles.

Stephan, our guitar player, is lost: We havn't seen him nor heard of him for about three months now. We therefore play the next gigs with three people only (in the band, not in the audience, hopefully).

Here now, in short pathetic words, the long and miserable story of our, so far, unsuccessful recordings: In March 2001 (!), we moved to a little studio in Dortmund Schüren for about two weeks. There we were able to record the instrumental parts of the seven songs we had selected. We did not record the vocals, because a) Chris was suffering from a cold, which prevented him from singing; b) we wanted to make use of special effect appliances which our record master had access to in Wuppertal. After some days, weeks, months of no progress, we eventually decided to record the vocals in our record master's flat, which we did, but only four songs so far. Then our record master lost interest in the recordings and we decided to record the three remaining songs in the Medienwerkstatt Dortmund, which we did. Now we intended to start mixing the whole stuff, when our former record master informed us that he had deleted all the vocals from his hard disc, since he thought we'd record them elsewhere, which we didn't want to, but now apparently have to. Twelve months have passed, and not a single song is ready. We are the last heroes of the modern world.    

On the 22nd of December 2001, we played a gig at the Platzhirsch in Dortmund. The place was quite crowded - maybe a result of the multitude of artists: Realitaetsverweigerer, Tremania, Old Style's Best, TV Smith, Torpedo Bones. We started playing at 1 a.m. Eventually, the police set an end to the whole event, so that we couldn't complete our modest but fine repertoire. However, those still present did have some fun. Thanks for coming and waiting.

We will probably not be able to finish the recordings before the end of this century.

We have finally been able to record the vocals to four of the seven songs of the CD, the rest  following next week, so that, perhaps, this beautiful work of art finds its perfection before the year is over.  (see next message)

On the 20th of October, we took part in the Elevator Festival in Hombruch. We were quite happy with the equipment of the backstage room, which contained a fridge filled with hundreds of chilled beer bottles, which we were, unfortunately, not allowed to take out of this room, unless we purchased a plastic cup at the bar. However, we got a backstage pass, which made us feel very important and authorized us to provide ourselves with salad, rolls, chilli and mousse. 

The festival was opened by Tremania (greetings), continued by the Torpedo Bones. Mitja and Four Versus concluded the concert. 
Thanks to all the people who were able to find the location and who were, as usual, a bit paralyzed by the noise we produced (tinnitus is a terrible thing; we are thinking about selling Torpedo Bones earplugs in the future).

>>>Attention please: The location of our concert in Recklinghausen has changed. Now it is: Café Alibi, Kaiserwall 11 A (see -Gigs-)<<<

On the -Gigs- site we now offer you maps, which will guide you to the places where we play, no matter where you live.

There are flyers of several Torpedo Bones gigs now. You'll find them by clicking on -Pics-. Please download them, print them, enjoy them. Thank you.